1. Why do apparently bloodthirsty juggernauts not just drive through the
   flimsy wooden truck stop building?

A. Because the trucks didn't know the building was made out of cheap wood
   until the bulldozer went through it.

2. Why doesn't Connie and Curt's car turn on them like all other machines?

A. Because the power of the comet affects diesel, battery and electric
   powered engines only.

3. Where did a truck learn morse code?

A. That truck was in the ARMY. It heard just enought to figure it out. It
   just couldn't put it to good use until now.

4. Just who the hell keeps a bazooka in their basement anyway?

A. Bubba Hendershot was in Vietnam. He haven't left.

5. Why are machines so intent on causing damage to other machines -
   destroying your allies is hardly the way to take over the world is it?

A. They were just taking out the weaker machines, the ones that was
   slowing them down. The smartest one always prevails.

6. How on earth does somebody get killed by a Walkman?

A. He was "noised" to death.

7. How does the truck know where the humans are?

A. It read the script.

8. How come the speaker at a fast food joint would yell "humans here!"
   since machines  have no ears to hear the cries?

A. They are like snakes.  They can "sense" sound waves though the ground.

9. How does a huge tractor trailer truck manage to sneak within ten feet
   of a supporting character who not only has a clear line of site, but
   is standing in front of a reflective surface?

A. Because he (human) didn't know. He was "special".

10. Just how explosive would a trailer full of toys be?

A.  It depends on how much explosives you use and what kind. The
    explosion wouldn't kill you, but the projectiles will.




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